I tells ya, rain is evil, EVIL!

Jeez, those Singaporeans don’t take any chances, do they? Apparently it rains fire there. The odd thing is who mandated this—the Singapore Sports Council. Guess that’s why they’ve never emerged as a major sports power, eh? Except maybe in ping pong… I bet water sports are illegal, too.

I’d imagine it would suck to be an island nation with a fear of water. Rather stultifying, to be sure.

But it starts to make sense when you look at what Singapore calls its major bodies of water (gah! it’s so close to rain—back off, straits):

Main Strait and Singapore Strait… I mean, really? It must’ve been raining out when they voted on those names.

By dint of:  flickr


~ by zactopia on January 28, 2010.

One Response to “I tells ya, rain is evil, EVIL!”

  1. “when it rains, it Singa-pours.”
    (ouch, sorry. couldn’t help it.)
    I am a rain hater too, so I relate.

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