Two songs by Charlotte Gainsbourg I can’t stop listening to

First this video:

05 Heaven Can Wait

06 Me and Jane Doe

Foot-tapping, haunting stuff. Kinda a breathy-dark-tribal-French-synth-pop sound, to be only slightly more specific. Makes sense then that this album, called IRM (French for “MRI”… those clever francs) is co-written and produced by Beck.

If you like half-decent music, Elliott Smith, Beck or even Panda Bear, you’ll dig this new album by Charlotte Gainsbourg (more on her below). And unlike Elliott Smith, it won’t make you want to cut yourself with a plastic knife with repeated listenings. Creepy but catchy.

Backstory:  (deep breath, long sentence ahead) Charlotte’s the progeny of legendary French perv and musician Serge Gainsbourg and his British wife-model-actress-singer-sexpot, Jane Birkin (perhaps best known for her orgasmic sounds [rumored to be real and gleaned from a tape recorder under Serge and Jane’s bed] in Serge’s international hit, “Je T’aime Moi Non Plus” [translation:  “I love you… me neither”]).

Also of piquing interest is that, prior to (and partially leading to, I would imagine) this album being made, Charlotte had recently cheated death. A minor waterskiing accident and several consequent headaches sent her to the doctor, only to find out her head was hemorrhaged with blood. Luckily she caught it in time, and then made it through some pretty major brain surgery. Though not without emotional consequences—including some rather disturbing Cannes-winning cinema AND these two songs, among others.

(“IRM” album cover below… Don’t she look a tad skeletal? Wait, I mean anorexic)


~ by zactopia on February 3, 2010.

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