My two Sunday darlings

Hot diggity, New Orleans. The most-watched program in television history is history. Football has now gone into hibernation (sniff, sniff), with no inferior WNFL to follow on its coattails and embarrass the game just to satisfy a few desperate, pathetic fans.

Terrific contest, albeit not quite last year’s cuticle-biter. Pretty decent halftime show by The Who, which would’ve been exponentially more rockin’ if they trashed their instruments onstage or exhumed Keith Moon’s femurs to use as drumsticks.

And I, for one, was not nearly as disappointed by the commercials as I was in previous years. There were certainly more than a few I would give high praise, even. Whilst Snickers’s “Betty White,” Dodge’s “Man’s Last Stand,” Coke’s “Hard Times” (the Simpsons one) and Dorito’s “House Rules” (the bossy kid one) spot seemed to have garnered the most adulation (and they’re all quite good), they weren’t my favorites.

No, that hallowed ground is reserved for the following two 4th-quarter commercials—the most original of the bunch, in my humble, semi-professional medical opinion—shilling Audi and Emerald Nuts/Pop Secret, respectively:

An anteater on a leash, sniffing for environmentally unsound contraband. Very subtle, very terrific.

So very odd it’s perfect.

Many of you may feel that I slighted Google’s “Parisian Love,” but hear this:  I didn’t. It certainly was decent, wildly simple and went straight through the product—so props for that. But I like this spoof of it better:


~ by zactopia on February 8, 2010.

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