No, you’re a cockatrice

Um, so…

(click to enlarge)

I really don’t know what role-playing nerdlinger took the time to A) research; and B) design & create this 100-sided Venn diagram—let alone fashion it after some Alexander Calder mobile (see what I mean?)…

…but I’m marginally thankful that someone who’s not me made this quick-reference guide to mythical creatures. Admittedly, I’m sort of a reference book junkie (never fear, it’s not clinical), so there’s some semblance of redeeming value to it… for me, anyway. Plus, I have a sneaking suspicion that distinguishing a manticore from a mermahuataur (what’d you call me?) comes in very handy in a pinch.

So, thank you?

by dint of ebaumsworld


~ by zactopia on February 11, 2010.

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