Mighty impressive penmanship

ACHTUNG! Before you get all superior and petty and “dude, that was really cool… like 9 months ago,” do me a favor—shut up. Those thoughts suck (not you, just your thoughts). Simply because you bumped into something on the world wide interweb before someone else did, does not mean you’re better than them in any way. Sure, I’ve seen Spanish artist Juan Francisco Casas‘s work before, and you probably have, too—but who says I can’t recognize prodigious talent whenever I want? Fucking losers and suckers, that’s who.

That being said, if you haven’t yet seen this dude’s work, you haven’t yet lived. And you’re totally stupid.

These stunning photos aren’t photos. Look closer. They’re meticulously drawn by Juan Francisco Casas—and entirely in blue Bic ballpoint pen. The unerasable kind.

Just look at Señor Juan’s lighting, textures and varying degrees of focus, a/k/a depth of field (among every other superhuman attention to detail). To my bold-but-naked eye, they’re staggeringly impressive. And those water droplets look just like real live water droplets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s insanity.

Plus, they’re dead sexy to boot.

If that’s not enough, Mr. Casas draws his photographs on ginormous canvases, up to 10 feet high. I know exactly what you’re thinking:  “They should make a Zagat’s for glory holes.” And you sicken me.

But what you’re also thinking is, “How many blue Bic ballpoint pens does it take to cover a 10-foot canvas?” Well, the answer is 4. With every tour de force he draws, Juan Francisco Casas burns through up to 4 medium-point blue ballpoint pens—otherwise known throughout the world as “biros” (eponymously named after László Bíró, the Hungarian smartypants who invented the ballpoint pen in 1938, to piteously little fanfare).

provocative hero shot:

If you don’t see a kickass ad campaign for Bic in this, take another hit, my friend.


~ by zactopia on March 2, 2010.

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