The South (Africans) will rise again

That’s right, even South Africa has rednecks… and though they might look and coif and dress kinda the same as their over-patriotic American brethren, these rednecks know how to rap.

Seeking to offend equally in both English and Afrikaans, untidy Cape Town, South African rap-rave triumvirate Die Antwoord’s videos are easily as bizarre as they are “next-level” (apparently the hip new adjective that everyone who’s anyone [including Die Antwoord themselves] uses to describe innovative music; pretty lame term, if you ask me). To be sure, their videos are really fucking well done, funny as hell (even if unintentionally) and about as visually arresting as an atomic blast.

But make no mistake, these people are rednecks—and I’m not stereotyping. Shit, they describe their own sound as “Zef” music (Afrikaans slang term for “redneck”). Think Gummo meets Jay-Z, on amphetamines.

I mean, with self-imposed names like Ninja (born Watkin Tudor Jones, which sounds just like “ninja”), Yo-Landi Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek, you better back that shit up with some kind of mad skillz (or some kind of mad shtick), lest you go the way of Vanilla Ice. And so far, so good for Die Antwoord (Afrikaans for “The Answer”). They’re already phenoms on the information superhighway, and not for their ineptitude.

While admittedly not a regular listener of the gangsta rap music, I simply have to admire their work on some fucked-up level or two. No matter how daft they sound in their interview, it’s damn original stuff. And I must reiterate, hilarious. Although personally, I find the video above far more palatable than Die Antwoord’s other one, Enter the Ninja.

Not to mention, the Dark Side of the Moon shorts shots are just precious.


~ by zactopia on March 3, 2010.

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