Narcissists of the world, unite!

FIRST THIS:  Admittedly, these clips are a bit mainstream for my usual fringe tastes, but they’re fucking funny. Deal. Moreover, I solemnly swear not to litter these cyber-scrolls with “conventional” humor. So piss off, and let’s nock and fire…

NOW THIS:  A rather uproarious comedy sketch from Herr Kimmel. What a ridiculous cast—pulls out all the stops, he does. And boy does it pay off. Hell of an ending to boot. Well done, sir.

Keep up skits like these, and you may yet have a comedic future beyond bashing Jay Leno.

To be sure, Mr. Hartnett’s two ties is a nice touch. Almost as nice a touch as Mr. Damon’s spot-on impression of Mr. McConaughey on Letterman. Lil’ Matty can certainly handle his accents (Yes, it’s Damon. Yes, it’s Letterman. Yes, go fuck yourself. It’s comical, now watch):


~ by zactopia on March 8, 2010.

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