Apparently, the same thing happens when you fuck the blowhole

A WEE BIT OF CAUTION:  I’ve seen this news clip many, many times, and who knows—perhaps you have, too. But who gives a shit? If you can’t look at something great multiple times, then you don’t deserve my respect. That’s how you gain appreciation for anything. Like a piece of art. A movie. A song (I’ve looked at many songs, thank you). Your husband or wife. Boobies. You people and your intolerance for repetition… get a freakin’ attention spa—when did I get that scab?

This footage never gets old, despite being shot in 1970. Thank you, you silly Oregonians. What you gave us is simply terrific, timeless and worthy of repeated viewings.

I’ll never look at a beached whale quite the same way again.


~ by zactopia on March 9, 2010.

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