Fireflies seize the planet

Okay, this is pretty kickass. It’s a time-lapse satellite view of all flight traffic (yellow    dots = airplanes in the sky) across the globe in a 24-hour period, cleverly condensed into 72 seconds (seeing this in real time, for 24 hours straight, would probably trigger some long-dormant instinct to cut yourself with a blunt object; never fear, that version shall remain squirreled away in my private collection).

Watch the sun slowly move across the earth, from east to west. Pretty neato, huh? It begins and ends with daytime in Australia. Trained experts tell me it’s summertime in the northern hemisphere, based on the sun’s footprint over the planet (“trained experts,” just another word for “show-offs” in my book).

Then there’s the mass exodus of planes fleeing to and from the US and EU. Like some massive orgy of fireflies. On the opposite extreme, there’s Antarctica. Not one plane. I can’t tell if I pity or envy them.

Thanks to my Pa for sending me this nifty nugget.


~ by zactopia on March 12, 2010.

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