Pulling the wool over your house

Now this here is a stunning, thoroughly enjoyable stop-motion TV spot from TBWA Brussels for natural gas. Really a joy to behold:

I especially dig the floorboards filling in with comfy wool, the shower spouting yarn and and the kettle smoke at the end. However, whilst I don’t intend to detract from the commercial’s beauty or message (or the creatives responsible for it), I simply have to question its claim of “softer” heat.

After doing more than a little research on the subject, I don’t really buy that one utility company can claim “softer” heat than another—or that one non-renewable fossil fuel burns softer than another non-renewable fossil fuel. Natural gas may burn cleaner than coal or oil or propane, or may ignite at a different temperature, but the softness of the warmth is pretty much all up to your heat source; that is, your heating appliance or central heating system.

So kudos for an incredible TV spot. Just awesome. But shame on the shady souls who devised this baseless claim in the first place.


~ by zactopia on March 15, 2010.

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