Moth, meet light

This projection art video makes me giddy. It’s mind-blowing. It’s jaw-dropping—in fact, if you’ve ever wanted to unhinge your jaw like a snake (well, duh), now would probably be the time to make that happen.

Psychologically, it just might peel your face off with awesomeness. Physically, it’s completely normal to drool and/or become slightly aroused (in retrospect, maybe if I hadn’t huffed all that patio sealant, I might feel differently. But this is real life, and I feel how I feel—and this is fucking art, so trust my judgment and just go with it).

Believe me, discerning reader, this is not faked. I can’t even fathom how awe-inspiring these pieces would be to see live:

(if video’s not working at first, just refresh the page)

2 for the price of 1:  You should know too about the infectious music on this video (and I think maybe an iPod advert I never saw). The song is called “Around the Bend,” and it hails from Danish (not the pastry) alt-rock duo Asteroids Galaxy Tour. More specifically, their decidedly kickass debut album, Fruit. True to the group’s name, the female vocalist’s voice (a/k/a, Mette Lindberg) is otherworldly. Think alien tinged with Macy Gray (who is also an alien—so, think 2 aliens), and very, very digable. Asteroids Galaxy Tour formed less than a year ago, and this album rocks from start to finish. That’s crazy impressive.

So please, do yourself a favor and BitTorrent, stream, steal, copy, share or whatever other swashbuckling technology you use to get this album post haste—or if you must, purchase it immediately. You shan’t be disappointed.

Then watch the video again.

by dint of vimeo


~ by zactopia on March 17, 2010.

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