Next stop, punk

You can bet your sweet ass this here infographic is fully off the hook. It tracks (pun inadvertent) the roots of different genres of rock ‘n’ roll and their influences. To be sure, the map misses a few seminal bands here and there—and includes a few not-so-seminal bands, like the impressively generic Silverchair and prepubescent sex idol suckasses Fall Out Boy—but on the whole it’s damn near perfect. The subway map design is quite clever, too (I wouldn’t disagree with me here; otherwise, you’ll be politely escorted off the cyber-premises immediately).

To be frank, though, I know maybe all of three of the EMO bands—and I am totally okay with that.

(click on image for girthier, more legible version)

Thank you profusely, infographic design dude. If only there were some wicked crucial band called Third Rail, I might shit myself. But I don’t blame you, good sir. And my clean undies express their gratitude, too.

by dint of flickr


~ by zactopia on March 17, 2010.

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