Stop hitting yourself

From where I live to where I work (and vice versa) takes roughly 27 minutes. Which means, when I’m not catcalling octogenarians and hobos, I’m listening to the radio. Usually NPR, but the last few days it’s been all sports radio and college basketball’s March Madness (with so many games played per day [16 apiece yesterday and today], I never have to concentrate on just one for very long, which pleases me to no end).

Anyhoo, getting to my point, when one listens to one station for long enough, one starts hearing the same radio adverts over and over again (unless it’s “commercial-free-but-sponsor-heavy” NPR, those hypocrites). There’s this one spot on sports radio of late that pisses me off, big-time. And it won’t go away.

The spot is for National Association of Realtors. And I’m not aggravated so much by the message, as I am the female voiceover’s pronunciation of “realtor.” To my linguistically trained ears, the second syllable of “realtor” should sound like that of “filter.” But the way this bitch talks, it sounds like “reel-tour.” And she can’t stop saying the word. Truly, it grates on the nerves. Give a listen:

Now I’d argue with some conviction that by the end of her rant, this woman’s pronunciation quickly becomes the only part of the ad you remember or care about. Its message:  gone.

I don’t give a damn if it is the correct articulation of “realtor.” Stop doing it. It flows off the tongue like a seizure.

I’d also correctly argue that whoever came up with this intonation is a sadist hell-bent on the downfall of realtors. It’s insulting. It makes a mockery of the industry—inasmuch as, were I to buy a house today, I’d be inclined to steer well clear of realtors, for fear they might all have similar (and faulty) diction.

Good day.


~ by zactopia on March 19, 2010.

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