You don’t deserve to be here, Track 1

Now this here is what you call a “festival of ignorance.” Not to mention the least creative cause in the history of good and evil.

I reckon this was taken at some pro-Fox News rally (check out the cropped segment of sign visible behind her), unto itself a terribly ignorant and unfortunate rally to attend. So that’s strikes one and two.

Why two strikes, you ask yourself keenly? Because even if you do somehow watch Fox News, that you’d consciously choose to attend a rally where people picket their demon-worship (again, refer to said sign segment) and generically decry all that is not Caucasian and Christian (otherwise known as “bad stuff”) is downright demented. So hell yes, strikes one and two.

Next pitch:  the message. “Down with bad stuff.” Really? That’s it? You really have nothing specific or interesting to complain about in this life, but still you spend hours and money on silver paint just to fit in with fools and hatemongers? How much you want to bet the reverse side of the sign reads, “Up with incest”? Striiiiike three! That’s one down.

Oh, and let’s just eliminate the sarcasm factor right now. It’s quite obvious you’re not joking with this sign. I doubt you even understand humor. What’s more, if you were actively mocking in any way at a pro-values/pro-Fox News/anti-thought rally, you’d probably get your ass beat. Or shot. Or lynched.

But all is not lost. I’m sure your sign definitely went over huge with the genetically challenged crowd. Truly, a triumph for understatement.

It’s like some caricature of a sign, only it’s real. Lady, you’re not only out—you’re banned from the game.

And now this:

It’s actually an impressive resemblance to the precipitous-fall-from-funny comedian, but more than all that, it just begs, “Why?”

If you don’t use those talents and motivation on something worth thinking about, let alone creating (because a gargantuan likeness of Eddie Murphy’s head just isn’t), we’re going to have to ask you to leave.


~ by zactopia on March 23, 2010.

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