If there’s one thing American kids need more of, it’s corn

Almost genius. Almost. Ergonomically correct unicorn heads. Don’t know why nobody thought of this before.

Oh, and melting hunk of butter on packaging = mouthwatering moneymaker (even if that silly bluehorn’s about to take a warm butter bath…again). Just look at how much better it looks than that real, flavorless cob.

Plus, corn is the main component of industrial feed at magical unicorn feedlots, so it makes sense. Unicorns love corn.

I’ll bet you 39 bucks that within two years, at least two kids will go to the ER for poking an eye out with a Uni-Corn, and at least three dudes will go to the ER for poking the Uni-Corn up their rectal cavity and getting it stuck. Just sayin’.

by dint of perpetualkid


~ by zactopia on March 24, 2010.

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