Who needs diversity when you’ve got makeup and wigs?

It’s official:  I have no understanding of Japanese entertainment.

I mean, what the shit is this? It looks like some extravagant karaoke contest, but where’s the bar—and the staggering, sozzled onlookers (consult Venn diagram for reference)?

Everyone present, from the overly enamored audience and judges (is that what they are, or perhaps distinguished guests?) to the so-called performers, looks regrettably sober; and yet they’re lapping the shit up like it’s heroin-laced breastmilk. These people are just way too exultant for a spectacle and costumes better suited for The Gong Show than a moving tribute (or even well-parodied one, which this surely isn’t) to “We Are the World.”

Maybe I simply don’t understand the Japanese mentality (especially after my slack-jawed viewing of Oscar-winning documentary The Cove—a moral imperative for anyone with a soul; but I digress), but there’s something desperately wrong with the pageantry surrounding such a dreadful performance.

SHORT DISCLAIMER FOR YOU HYPERSENSITIVE BITCHES:  To be sure, I intend no racism. I have nothing against Japanese people; just what passes for diversion there. In my kaleidoscope eyes, every human deserves to be equally offended. So take your sass elsewhere.

Like HERE (¡watch out for nakedness and piglets!). Simply baffling.


~ by zactopia on March 30, 2010.

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