In saboteurs we trust

As I briefly mentioned awhile back, the world needs more saboteurs. Good ones, with mad brains (read that:  smart), mad skilz, a finely honed sense of humor and the ability to craft nonviolence into power. It’s why I find Banksy so captivating, and why I revere him as one of the great artists of our time.

A good saboteur creates dissident art that, upon first glance, passes almost unnoticed; however, upon stepping outside routine and heeding your surroundings, it quickly becomes essential.

Well, here’s a clever new group of merry pranksters which calls itself “Trustocorp,” and inserts itself quite cunningly into urban environments—including New York City, Miami, Los Angeles and Charlotte, among others. Check it:

(subhead reads: if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em)

(reads:  hide your ugly with a glassy veneer)

(subhead reads:  revenge is a dish best served with milk. | eat the rich!)

(subhead reads:  keep our streets honest | obedience is un-american)

(reads:  turn your life around [w/ hands on both ends])

(subhead reads:  the real america)

(not sure this one’s been shot in action yet, but it’s fucking effing brilliant)

There are quite a few more signs and products on Trustocorp’s Flickr page. And in an overconnected age of attention-seeking, YouTube, Chatroulette and no-talent assclowns becoming celebrities, you’ve got to respect Trustocorp’s anonymity.

Keep up the mutiny, fellas.

BONUS POINTS:  True to smart saboteur form, these kooky Samaritans have uploaded to their Flickr page rather large images of their signs, precisely for you to download and put up wherever you damn well please. Now that’s some shrewd viral.

by dint of Flickr


~ by zactopia on April 1, 2010.

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