Tone def

Arrrrrrrhh (like a surly pirate, lip snarl inclusive)!

That’s the primal, visceral buccaneer sound that erupts forth from my bosom when I see a great idea I wish I had come up with.

You see, the spot below by super groovy, super innovative Amsterdam-based ad agency THEY, is great radio. Pioneering radio, even.

In the money-grubbing, consumer-duping wrong hands, this new trick could become exceptionally annoying. But for now it’s fucking genius, and maddeningly simple to boot:

It not only invites you to make a reservation at the hotel restaurant; it actually dials the number for you through your radio speaker. Technology these days, eh? Actually, to be more accurate, technology these last 47 years.

To explain:  Since 1963 (when rotary technology began shitting the bed), the Touch-Tone system—AT&T’s public moniker for dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) signaling—has been the industry standard in both cell and landline phones (yes smartass, I know cell phones haven’t been around since then, but their widespread dialing technology sure has). But it wasn’t until the ’80s that push-button phones finally became the dominant form of telephony in our country. Then DTMF quickly became ubiquitous.

You know exactly what DTMF technology is. You hear it many times daily, whenever you dial a phone. You just didn’t know or care what its name was (and perhaps still don’t). DTMF signaling uses distinct frequency tones that communicate a phone number (and here you thought it was all buttons and levers, you obtuse dumbass). It’s also largely the technology behind speed-dial and most every irritating, automated “press-1-for-English” phone service you’ve ever used (not including that nouveau voice-recognition shit, which doesn’t make getting put on hold for 19 minutes any more bearable).

That it’s taken 47 years for someone in the brainwashing industry to uncover and make kickass use of it is staggering. All the same, kudos for doing it and doing it well, THEY. You’re pioneers, and for that I am exceedingly jealous and grateful.

by dint of Denver Egotist


~ by zactopia on April 10, 2010.

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  1. yes it’s sure genius!

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