Bless you, Fey

A well-deserved chafing by the best darn-tootin’ impostor on television.

As amusing as this sketch may be, it’s far too laced in truth for a sane brain’s liking. That Sarah Palin has any influence at all is a dark and shameful stain on humanity. That’s a scientific fact.

Based on her actions since being elected into office in 1996 (as mayor of Wasilla, AK), it would seem even to the naked eye that Sarah Palin is closer to being a Hutaree member than being a suitable candidate for high office. Don’t believe me? Fine, believe her.

A day after the disturbingly volatile, violent and ignorance-riddled debate over Health Care reform was finally put to rest and signed into law, this redneck bitch had the prudence to post this image on her Facebook page:

Now that’s diplomacy, eh? Crosshairs. Crosshairs? Could you maybe have thunk up a more tactful symbol? I guess if you can’t vote ’em out, jump on the next low-flying aircraft and strafe ’em out.

(I despise motivational poster parodies as a vehicle of expression, but this one is quite arresting)

If this dangerous woman had her druthers, we would live in a totalitarian, fundamentalist Christian state where ritualistic sacrifices of wildlife (and free-thinking liberals; to her it’s the same thing) were required of every citizen; abortion was a capital crime (in fact, fetuses would have more rights than adults), and so was dissent; patriotism would quickly become the next McCarthyism (as it briefly began to during the Bush regime); the right to bear arms would be mandatory, as would be the right to cleanse the world of polar bears; national parks would be open for hunting season; every animal on the Endangered Species list would be taken off in the name of industry and profit; “God’s task,” as Palin called the war in Iraq, would be resumed full bore; Science and Sex-Ed would quickly be replaced by Creationism and Prayer, respectively, in our book-banning schools; global warming would be nothing more than a punchline; and Alaska would be an autonomous state whose sole responsibilities to America would be: oil-drilling, fur-trading—which would surely make a massive comeback…


…and finally giving those commie Russian bastards what’s coming to them:  a nuke in the face.

In short, the country would degenerate into some lame and predictable (and entirely preventable) dystopian sci-fi movie, not nearly worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence (oh the irony) as 1984, A Clockwork Orange, Welcome to the Monkey House or even V for Vendetta.

Ultimately, Sarah Palin is not a joke—and that’s what I find most troubling of all. She is precisely what’s wrong with America.


~ by zactopia on April 11, 2010.

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