Why proofreading helps

So this periodical arrives monthly at my place of work. I usually ignore it.

However, after gazing at this month’s cover for a full 0.3 seconds to try and figure out just what the fuck the hideous and confusing typography was trying to say, I came across a second egregious error. Let’s see how long it takes you:

(hint:  look at the last word in the headline)

At first I thought they misspelled “VIEW” on purpose, like it was some not-very-clever play on a different point of view. But then I realized, the headline has nothing to do with a new perspective or anything else that might warrant a syntax error.

Perhaps a proofreader or even spell-check for the front cover might be a decent idea before you embarrass and discredit your publication publicly, hmm?

Next time, if you’re not sure how to spell “view,” look at the title of the magazine:  “advertising & marketing reVIEW.” Just for reference.


~ by zactopia on April 14, 2010.

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