Having a typeface conundrum?

Then you better check out this infographic straightaway. It’s delightfully helpful, well-designed and sometimes even clever. Plus, it was designed by sweet and innocent Danish graphic design student Julian Hansen, not some cocky, overpaid professional.

The fact is, unless you’re classically trained in fonts, knowing and finding the correct typeface can be an exceedingly arduous and tedious task. Well, say adios to that bullshit. Now any untalented moron can choose the right typeface.

(click to engorge graphic and absorb knowledge)

Of course, there are dozens of thousands of fonts not mentioned here, but these ones ought to get you through your project without seeming like too much of a hack.

Dank u, Julian. And you, gentle font-deficient reader, you’re welcome.

by dint of InspirationLab


~ by zactopia on April 20, 2010.

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