Pick your groove

So I’m quite enamored of this multi-talented, interactive business card for Roman (as in Rome, Italy—not the ancient, far vaster empire) rock ‘n’ roll hair salon MODhair. Not that I’m so passionately into business cards as a medium, but the concept for this particular piece is outstanding. It’s a business card, a comb and a music box, all molded into one.

Using the same principle as music boxes, whereby projecting teeth pluck a row of tuned metal strips (in this case, hard plastic), the comb-card plays a classic rock theme when you rub your fingernail over it. This one plays Satisfaction by the Stones.

To be sure, MODhair’s tagline works quite perfectly for the endeavor as well:  “Rock for your head.” But let’s be honest, no hair salon would ever think up such a simple and wonderfully clever representation of its brand—so let’s give due credit to Roman designer Fabio Milito. Well done, you.

by dint of Directdaily


~ by zactopia on April 20, 2010.

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