Bag your sins

Before your very eyes are some lovely and terrific executions for Tuffy, a South African plastics company that makes 100% recycled trash bags (or “refuse bags,” to be more vernacularly accurate). Tagline: “For a clean conscience.”

Agency responsible for this peachy idea:  Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town, South Africa.

(click below to actually read shit instead of just pretending to admire refuse bags like a dumbass)

To be sure, I dig the strategy behind the idea more than the idea (for a clean conscience) itself. Allow me to elucidate:  the notion of “it’s okay to be bad when you’re doing something good” is itself 100% recycled in the advertising world. It’s a fun and formulaic and very campaignable idea, but quite unoriginal nonetheless.

What makes it cool and Zactopia-worthy is its brilliant use of the medium. The adverts go straight through the product (refuse bags) on several levels. First, the product is the medium, which is always a smart way to show off your wares. Second, the bags are the only canvas for the message and nothing else, forcing the consumer to scrutinize the product through the whole experience. And third, the message is entirely paid off by the bags, showing the benefits of and potential uses for them—even if you wouldn’t really put severed body parts in them, you could. Plus, whimsical typefaces + dark messages + stuffed refuse bags = visually gratifying (and yes, I’m fully aware that “plus” is in that last sentence thrice). Good work, Cape Town. Now on to the World Cup.


~ by zactopia on April 28, 2010.

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