Yes, but how will they stack in the truck?

Is this the future of boxes? Who the hell knows? What I do know is, it’s a way cool and efficient use of recycled corrugated cardboard. And despite the dumbass move to use a UPS-esque logo on it and actually call it “UPS,” which stands for “Universal Packaging System” (more on that fuck-up below), it’s designed magnificently by one Mr. Patrick Sung.

Not sure what designer Sung was thinking with that logo and name, though. Utterly confusing, when it needn’t be at all. It’s like he’s trying really, really hard to give UPS credit for his idea.

I mean, he goes to all this trouble to revolutionize box design, and then he tries to make it stand out by poaching one of the most recognizable identities in the world? I can’t tell if he was being lazy or just egregiously stupid. That’s like changing shoe design as we know it, then slapping a swoosh on it.

Patrick, my friend whom I’ve never met, there are far better ways to get UPS’s attentions for your packaging awesomeness. Stick with design, kiddo, because when it comes to marketing yourself, I’d put you back in the box.


~ by zactopia on April 28, 2010.

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