Waxing nostalgic

Deep down, we all have a weakness for crayons. That’s a scientific fact.

I mean, what is it about crayons that makes you want to snatch up one or two or sixty-three (not the pointless white one, of course) and graffito-tag dumb shit, squiggles or a prickly sun on the nearest semi-pale surface? Crayons reflect our imaginations on a fundamental level, and they immediately send us to our happy place—where 64 colors rule and there’s a built-in sharpener that doesn’t work very well, but that’s totally okay.

Crayons are a form of crack for kids. It keeps them quiet for hours. Personally, I think it’s the texture and smell of them almost more than the colors. Maybe the bright and specifically-named pigments initially draw them in, but it’s the tactile and olfactory experience that keeps them—and when we get the chance, adults—in lala land.

Anyhoo, my talented and gifted close friend Amanda brought these waxy, nostalgic (both the medium and the images they recreate) treasures to my attention in her scintillating arts ‘n’ crafty blog, The Violet Hours—and it’s about time she comes through for me.

American artist Christian Faur has right here created something entirely new with crayons, which in itself is very impressive. He uses thousands of hand-cast crayons (pointy side out) as wax “pixels,” stacked strategically inside a wooden frame to form badass, often photographic-like images. Don’t believe me? Fine, then stop reading and go away. I hope you die of a laxative overdose.

If you do mildly trust my judgment, then I humbly thank you and present these gifts to thee (you might want to back up a nudge from your monitor to see the details emerge as an impressive whole):

by dint of The Violet Hours


~ by zactopia on May 18, 2010.

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