Weird is back

I’m positively giddy about these two brilliantly retarded, deftly written and perfectly executed TV spots for VH1. Created by some of the same very talented kooks (Ian Reichenthal and Scott Vitrone) who reinvented a category with their Skittles spots (this, that and thus, for example), which I considered the best and most bizarre (tastefully bizarre, that is) spots on television for some time. But now these misfits have invaded Young & Rubicam, NY, and it seems they’re in peak form. So watch these already:

Few things are more entertaining than happy naked hairless men peeing on one another in a vacuum (as in a space devoid of matter, not a vacuum cleaner).

Except maybe a pole-dancing boob with fake boobs:

Agency:  Young & Rubicam, NY
Client:  VH1
Executive Creative Director:  Guillermo Vega
Executive Creative Director:  Scott Vitrone
Executive Creative Director:  Ian Reichenthal
Art Director:  Menno Kluin
Copywriter:  Icaro Doria
Copywriter:  Scott Vitrone
Copywriter:  Ian Reichenthal
Director:  Bryan Buckley
Director of Photography:  Rolf Kesterman

~ by zactopia on May 20, 2010.

One Response to “Weird is back”

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