FIRST OF ALL:  Tell your inner snob to get the hell out. Yes, this came out a year ago. Yes, I don’t give a shit. Get over yourself. I didn’t start brain-dumping on a regular basis until January 2010—so had I been doing this a year ago, you would have seen it here then. Cool? Cool.

Moving on, this advertipackaging for Clearasil’s acne pill (which wasn’t around when I was zitty) is super clever, especially for its desensitized, complexion-challenged teenage target audience.

(reads:  “May this be the last time.”/ “The end of acne starts with Clearasil.”)

I probably don’t need to explain what’s going on above, but I will to prevent any confusion:  at the back of each pill’s blister pack are illustrations of faces with acne that, when the plastic pill housing is squeezed between your thumbs, pops forth the pill (as blister packs are wont to do)—and squirt!

You just popped a giant zit.

If only the box contained a mirror spattered with faux-face yogurt, it would be complete. Until that day, we must rely on the zitfaces of today to produce it organically.


~ by zactopia on May 20, 2010.

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