Before you complain about your day, think about Ryan’s

Looks like this little future psychopath got sent home from school for a couple of reasons.

(reads:  Ryan had some toenail clippers that he said he would use to “cut somebody’s body” with. He may have swallowed a rock.)

Don’t know about you, but toenail clippers seem like an agonizingly tedious way to go. Plus, I think Ryan’s got a wee case of the pica (a disorder characterized by persistent and compulsive cravings to eat nonfood items), and his stomach contents may soon be on their way to matching this pica-afflicted lunatic’s:

Not that the clippers and the rock have anything to do with one another. But you gotta respect the non sequitur (especially when it’s laughable).

Or we could just chalk it up to a rough day for little Ryan.

by dint of foundmagazine


~ by zactopia on May 26, 2010.

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