A real stumper

Deforestation was humanity’s first real crime against the planet that I remember being passionate about; in fact, learning about it was perhaps the first time I ever felt let down by the human race on a macro scale (and obviously not the last). It made me frickin’ angry. I must’ve watched Emerald Forest on VHS at least 27 times (8% for the partial nudity, but 92% for the story and the cause). Rainforests became a sort of obsession for me. Hell, I even made my family watch FernGully—so you know I was into it.

At that point, it was utterly beyond my prepubescent mind (which has since evolved into a pubescent mind, where I plateaued and have thus remained) how humans could be so obtuse and destructive (which too often go hand in hand) toward such a vital, beneficial organ of our Earth. And for what? Particleboard? Toothpicks? 2x4s? Pastureland for cows that McDonald’s would soon mechanically separate into Big Macs? Pshaw! Shame on you, humans.

Anyhoo, I came across this ambient advert that articulates beautifully the beyond-fucked-up rate at which we rid our planet of trees (swaths of forest the size of Los Angeles are clear-cut EVERYDAY). It was done by Young & Rubicam, Buenos Aires, Argentina for Fundación Solo Un Planeta (“Only One Planet Foundation”), and it’s effing brilliant:

(click below to bloat image into legibility)

For the execution 100 trees were made out of recycled materials, each of them appearing to be cut at the base by power saws or axes. The trees were then placed on soccer stadium pitches before games and during halftime of major matches of the Argentina Closing Championship Tournament. In doing so, it gave fans both at the stadium and watching the match on TV a glimpse of what a field of lifeless, chopped-down trees looks like. To encourage people to join the cause, a sign from the non-profit organization was placed in the center of the pitch, reading:  “Every two seconds, we lose this. We need your help,” followed by the URL.

Here’s the case study of how it was done:

Executive Creative Director:  Martin Mercado
Creative Directors:  Rodrigo Ruiz, Alejandro Sibilla
Creative Team:  Rodrigo Ruiz, Alejandro Sibilla, Silvio Caielli, Damian Garófalo

Responsible for Approval:  Hernan Hilu, Ezequiel Wasserman (I love that they included this, because a great client deserves recognition)


~ by zactopia on June 9, 2010.

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