Of peddling pedophiles

BACKSTORY:  So I was in N’awlins not two months ago (April 2010) for Jazzfest/my 1/2-enemy-1/2-friend Matt’s bachelor party. Amidst absinthe-addled binges and ridonkulous musicality, I somehow managed to take a fair amount of pictures. Including these two at the Howlin’ Wolf (actually one old-timey advert cut into two overlapping parts for compositional purposes):

For those of you unfamiliar with Vladimir Nabakov’s 1955 pièce de résistance novel of FICTION and pedophilia, Lolita, perhaps you’ve seen Stanley Kubrick’s 1962 adaptation of the same name. If you have, then you’ll know who Clare Quilty is. If you haven’t, here’s the quick lowdown:  Mr. Quilty is a pedophilic perv playwright who ends up playing a rather large role in the story.

In fact, here’s one of my favorite scenes from Kubrick’s movie, with the ever-talented Peter Sellers as cagey Clare Quilty having an awkward gabfest with James Mason—the equally-if-not-sketchier protagonist, Mr. Humbert Humbert.

Why Drome cigarettes would ever choose a fictional pedophile to sponsor their product, and then call it “…the thinking man’s smoke,” is beyond me. That’s what I would call a poor business decision.

Perhaps that’s why Drome ain’t around no more, eh? Still, it makes for one hell of an entertaining advert for those in the know.


~ by zactopia on June 10, 2010.

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