What happens when Jesus gets too big

Last night a massive statue of Jesus just off I-75 in Monroe, OH (a bit north of Cincinnati) got smote down by a bolt of lightning and burned to a crispy skeleton that more closely resembles a massive insect than the Son of the Lord. See?

Prior to its smiting, the statue stood some six stories high (62 feet, to be exact) at its tallest point and 42 feet across between the statue’s two hands, and it looked precisely like this:

And this:

Technically called “King of Kings,” but more affectionately known as “Touchdown Jesus” (due to the statue’s pose) and “Big Butter Jesus” (due to the statue’s buttery complexion), the statue was built in 2004 and served as the main feature and can’t-miss eyesore of Solid Rock Church, a 4,000-member megachurch in Monroe. Prior to its razing, the statue was submitted to the folks at Guinness (the world record peeps, not the delicious beer) as “world’s largest bust of Jesus.”

Oh, and here’s a short clip of the purging fire:

I’ll leave the irony and religious implications to you, gentle readers.


~ by zactopia on June 15, 2010.

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