This is your brain on awesome

Stumbled across this absolutely stunning and infinitely trippy 3D mapping of the brain’s connections, the first of its kind and a complete work of art.

What we have up there is a mapping of an owl monkey’s brain completed by Van Wedeen, a Harvard radiology professor. Says an awestruck Weeden, “We’ve never really seen the brain—it’s been hiding in plain sight.”

(by the way, this is what an owl monkey’s brain looks like covered with fur and flesh and disproportionately large eyeballs)

And since I unfortunately have little time to delve into such a riveting topic, I’d rather you just read this excerpt from the Wired UK article that first broke the story:

Conventional scanning has offered us a crude glimpse, but scientists such as Wedeen aim to produce the first ever three-dimensional map of all its neurons. They call this circuit diagram the ‘connectome,’ and it could help us better understand everything from imagination and language to the miswirings that cause mental illness. But with 100 billion neurons hooked together by more connections than there are stars in the MilkyWay, the brain is a challenge that represents petabyte-level data.

Damn that’s cool.

by dint of Wired UK


~ by zactopia on June 17, 2010.

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