Family values kill family

This actually happened in South Africa two days ago (June 17th), and it’s like a manila folder paper cut in the eye of reason. I mean, the self-defeating zealotry displayed here defies anything remotely sane (as only zealotry can).

Provocative summary:  An ostensibly well-adjusted family—mom, son & daughter—used their father’s head as a battering ram until he expired. Why? Because he tried to change the TV channel from a gospel show to the once-every-4-years World Cup taking place in his OWN country. I guess that blasphemous heretic got what he deserved, eh?

With this act, the term “family values” has officially reached a critical mass and is now, utterly meaningless.

The picture accompanying the article is terribly lame and obviously stock, but the story is reason enough question faith. Click below to read all the irrational details:

Police: Family killed dad for watching World Cup instead of gospel show


~ by zactopia on June 19, 2010.

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