Does not compute

I think this may be the most illogical commercial I’ve ever seen. Almost makes me angry how little sense it makes, yet so bizarrely bizarre that it’s impossible to hate. And lucky for you, this French oddity lasts only 10 seconds—so you can regard it without feeling like time from your life was wasted.

Wait, isn’t Orangina a beverage? With most of the word “vagina” in the name of your brand, you’d think gay males might be the wrong demographic to go after, too.

And why does that gay puma have such a hairy back? To me, that’s probably the most unrealistic part of the spot (after all he’s a puma, not a bear).

By the way, gay puma, you missed your whiskers—the whole frickin’ point of shaving your face. But from the looks of it, that seems like the least of your problems.


~ by zactopia on June 25, 2010.

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