Refrigerator beats tar pit

Badass executions touting Bosch refrigerators’ revolutionary cooling technology, VitaFresh. Apparently, VitaFresh technology keeps your otherwise-perishable items fresh for a crazy long time.

To raise awareness of VitaFresh’s preservative talents, fake fresh meat (not tofu or that other ersatz vegetarian “meat”) from the Stone Age was placed in supermarket meat sections, where freshness matters most. For one week customers were tantalized by savory mammoth steaks, tender sabertooth fillets and juicy dinosaur legs, all quite obviously labeled and packaged, and further advertised with leaflets and supermarket announcements.

If you think I’m making this shit up, take a gander:

(click image below, and watch it grow to intelligible size!)

Putting an unobtrusive QR Code (a two-dimensional barcode/mobile tag that, when snapped with your smartphone’s camera, gets decoded by your phone and instantly sends you to a website) on the package label, which cyber-transported people to Bosch’s site, was a slick move to boot.

In my candy-addled mind’s eye, I think the execution trumps the idea, or a least improves the idea by a factor of 7. Those slabs of Stone Age meat utterly kick ass.

Kudos to one of the most consistently impressive agencies in this dimension, DDB, Berlin. Very, very digable.


~ by zactopia on June 25, 2010.

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