The monotony of the World Cup

Don’t know about you (in fact, I could really care less), but I’ve been rather glued to the TV (not literally, this time) since the 2010 World Cup began on June 11.

So the US is out. Big deal. Somebody else should win the World Cup anyway. It’s the world’s game; let a country who actually respects it be the victor.

But I digress. If you’ve been watching your fair share o’ soccer lately, or if your head isn’t up your ass, then you know what a vuvuzela is. It’s a four-letter word that looks like this (although not always so candy-striped):

And you’ll understand this:

And you’ll also appreciate YouTube’s latest prank. On a good number of videos, many having nothing to do with soccer, they’ve activated a new button on the bottom right of the media player that fairly resembles a tiny soccer ball. It looks like this (hint:  follow the red arrow):

Clicking it will trigger an endless, irksome blast that sounds vaguely like a massive swarm of killer bees. Or for you who’ve been watching the World Cup, it sounds quite like the tens of thousands of vuvuzelas that pervade every game, from start to finish.

The drone is so godawful that networks have taken measures to filter it out, and guides have popped up explaining how to block it from TV sets and computers. Despite complaints, however, FIFA has decided not to ban the vuvuzela due to its traditional significance.

Go ahead, try YouTube’s new button to hear the dreadful peal for yourself HERE (which you really should, even if for 1.9 seconds). Among the top 7 most annoying sounds ever, but damn clever of you, YouTube. Damn clever indeed.


~ by zactopia on June 29, 2010.

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