You’re more like a tube sock than you know

The single tube sock. A staple bedside companion of self-loving single men for decades (or at least, ever since Portnoy’s Complaint). But now, thanks to Munich, Germany’s quite clever ad shop Heye & Partner, a single tube sock may actually get you laid beyond your imagination—like, for real.

Using the all-too-common fate of partnerless socks to its advantage, Heye & Partner placed single, seemingly forgotten socks in empty washing machines at public laundromats—a routine time-suck for many single people—to create awareness of an online dating site,

Socks read, “Are you single, too?” Who knew identifying with a tube sock could help your social life? Simple, unexpected and damn smart. Wish I came up with it.

(click below to ogle even bigger tube socks)

by dint of directdaily


~ by zactopia on July 8, 2010.

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