The neutron star of houses

Jay Shafer lives in the world’s smallest house, which he also designed and built with his own brain and two hands. But just because the house is a mere 89 square feet doesn’t mean it lacks density. In fact, Mr. Schafer has utilized his space to perfection. Excess does not exist in this dojo. He has everything he needs in his tiny manor (which he’s christened “Tumbleweed”), and nothing he doesn’t. Plus, it’s on wheels.

Shafer erected Tumbleweed because he wanted to minimize his impact on the environment, and because he wanted to reinvent his life and his career. Consequently, he’s done both, and achieved a fair amount of celebrity along the way.

Indeed, Shaefer may be a bit of a strange bird (did you expect him not to be?), but his feat and abode are undeniably admirable. Kudos to you, sir.

Oh, and if looking at multiple static images hurts your brain and tries your patience, then perhaps you need to lay off the drugs. If you’re unwilling to quit the drugs, then scroll down to the bottom to behold the guided video tour, courtesy of Mr. Shafer himself.


Take the guided tour:


~ by zactopia on July 20, 2010.

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