Just like chewing balloons

Something light and fluffy (that’s not a chinchilla, pancakes or a tuft of pubic hair) to help you ease into your Monday:  these clever little South African ads for Hubba Bubba Tape gum by clever little Johannesburg agency Ireland/Davenport.

I had no idea Hubba Bubba was still around, let alone evolved into tape form; but as a lad, once I finally inveigled my health-conscious parents into letting me buy sugar-full gum (before that, I was relegated to aspartame- and sorbitol-flavored sugarless gum—you know, for my health), I was all over that truly unique and utterly unnatural Blueberry Hubba Bubba when it first hit the market in the ’80s. That shit blew some sweet bubbles and was damn tasty…for the first 53 seconds, until it lost all semblance of flavor.

But I digress. To be sure, these ads are the same execution done three times, but it’s simple, appropriate to the product and makes you smile (see, you’re smiling now, right? RIGHT!) all the same. Because it makes you think of balloon animals, see, and everyone loves balloon animals. Everyone.

I do have one slight criticism, though—the Photoshop retouching could be a little better. Usually I’m blown away by retouchers, who are crazy talented and easily the most under-appreciated piece of the creative process. But I just can’t shake the few details that should have been smoothed over before going to publication. Other than that hair-splitting, I dig ’em.

Headline reads: “180 cm of bubblegum.”

Advertising Agency: Ireland/Davenport, South Africa
Creative Directors: Philip Ireland, John Davenport
Art director: Marion Bryan
Copywriter: Jason Kempen
Photographer: David Prior

~ by zactopia on July 26, 2010.

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