Inspiration for world domination

The compedium of commercials before you may be a few years old, but by George, every stinkin’ one of these spots still gives me intellectual wood. Effing, goddamn brilliant. This is art that I aspire to. So prepare to have your world improved…

These first two spots were created by Clemmow Hornby Inge, London for Tango, a carbonated soft drink marketed primarily to Limeys and Leprechauns. Brilliantly written, perfectly narrated, and wry as can be. So listen carefully:


“I mean, this guy has rewritten the rulebook, and then had it shredded.” That shit’s better than Shakespeare.

“…hello to you…”

Agency:  Clemmow Hornby Inge
Art Director:  Steve Smithwick
Copywriter:  Peter Gatley
Copywriter:  Charles Inge
Creative Director:  Peter Gatley
Creative Director:  Charles Inge
Director:  Noam Murro

This next pearl is a perfect example of uncovering a human truth, then regurgitating it in a kickass way. Yes it’s seven years old, but it was done in Canada so you ethnocentric Americans probably ain’t never seen it.

Such a beautifully simple concept, perfectly executed. Could go on forever with it.

Agency: Palmer Jarvis DDB
ACD/Art Director:  Lara Palmer
Copywriter:  Paul Little
Creative Director:  Alan Russell
Director:  David Shane
Director of Photography:  Phil Linzey

And lastly, these bee’s knees of an idea:

Cheering works. Bingo. Slam dunk (please excuse mixing of sports metaphors). These spots in particular I wish I did. Such a simple concept, cheaply done, and thoroughly highlighting the power of great casting. Plus, I cheer more now.

Rethink, Vancouver, thank you for making me want to become better at what I do.


~ by zactopia on July 27, 2010.

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