Pets on cocaine

So here’s the backstory, and I hope to Zoroaster it’s true (even if it’s not, the video is damn entertaining):  Some suburbanites with a truly kickass pool (you’ll see) didn’t understand why their pool furniture and deck were always drenched whenever they left the house. They thought perhaps the neighborhood kids were waiting for them to leave, then vaulting over the stucco fence and frolicking in the pool. Unfortunately they couldn’t catch those meddling kids in the act, so they set up a camera and recorded. Here’s what they saw:

Whether the story’s true or not, the footage is pretty dang awesome. That dog (to be honest, it looks like a spastic cow) is having way too much fun, whilst setting a terrible example about running in the pool area for their other, smaller lapdog (the miniature white one scampering about). I only hope that little white dog doesn’t slip and fall and injure himself while running, and then have to spend the rest of his days touring dog shelters giving speeches about the dangers of running near swimming pools.

Props to my twitchy but clever acquaintance Matt K. (whose full name and social security number won’t be divulged, so you no-good hacker impostors can’t steal his identity) for bringing this video triumph to my attention. You’re a gentleman and a GED scholar, sir.


~ by zactopia on July 27, 2010.

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