The wallpaper of my not-yet-conceived child’s room

Call me insensitive, but call me right. I don’t care if my child fancies ponies, princesses, platypuses or pigs, this is what’s going in his or her room for the first 10 years. Why? Because it’s completely fucking awesome. Movable and reusable wall decals based on the same 8-bit graphics from the original Asteroids arcade game. See? See?

Digging the inclusion of the Atari Inc. copyright decal—just like it is on the arcade game screen !!lol!rofl!:)!asap!;-{!wtf!!dna!!

Blik, the site that makes and sells these swell licensed decals (called blik Re-Stik), carries other old-school video game decals (more than just Atari) as well—just in case Asteroids isn’t your bag (a minor character flaw to be sure, but one I can overlook). They’ve got Centipede, Super Mario Bros, Tokyo E-City, Donkey Kong and a slew of others. Marvel at them HERE, before you suffer years of regret for your wallpaper blunder.

I’ll admit my not-yet-conceived son or daughter may despise me for a short time (no permanent damage, of course) for cramming some arcane digital graphics (Asteroids is the cave painting of video game graphics) into his formative visual life (let’s call it a boy). But for his own good, I’m selflessly willing to take the hostility. Like piano or guitar or tuba lessons—you hate them when you’re younger, but when you get old enough to appreciate your skills, you thank your lucky stars and your wise parents that you had them. Especially tuba lessons.

So my kid will have Asteroids wallpaper. You’re welcome, son.


~ by zactopia on July 30, 2010.

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