Everyone’s a folding expert

Every few years or so a new shirt-folding technique or contraption seems to surface and enter the public consciousness. Here’s the latest from someone who has far too much time on their hands. Personally, I think it’s flawed and rather an overkill.

Subjectively, I’d have to say this jerry-rigged device folds shirts a tad too perfectly for my tastes. I mean, you can’t maintain that sort of fastidiousness in a chest of drawers without losing your shit (read carefully:  I said shit, not shirt). Especially when a torso garment or two gets ruffled or partially unfolded as you’re grabbing for a shirt beneath the top layer.

See, when shirts are folded this perfectly, any semblance of untidiness is all the more glaring. So unless you plan your outfits weeks in advance and stack shirts accordingly (in which case you suck and are no longer invited to my parties), your once-pristine drawer is shot to hell, in a hurry. And constantly refolding them just to maintain this facade of exactitude is a waste of everyone’s time.

From an objective perspective, this here folding contraption’s shiny final product (i.e., a folded shirt) is simply too big. Trust me, I’m a semi-professional t-shirt wearer. See how much surface area the folded shirt takes up? It’s egregious. I bet you could only fit one row of folded shirts and maybe two columns in a drawer, depending on drawer size. What a disgraceful use of space.

Plus, if I built this doohickey (which I have no desire to do) just to fold my t-shirts, I’d be an object of ridicule—and rightfully so.

Before we get into a more practical shirt-folding technique (mine), I want to show you this other badass method of folding, which is not nearly as easy as this lady makes it look:

Sexy? You bet. It’s like folding porn. If I worked at Gap, I’d probably be embarrassed to stand up from my computer right now. Fast? More like land speed folding record. Difficult? Hell yes. And if there’s one thing I know, it’s that shirt-folding should not be a baffling experience.

So I’m not convinced that either of these methods is correct. As a t-shirt maven, I believe I possess adequate experience and expertise to speak authoritatively on the matter. And if you’re like me and have grown up with short and shallow drawers for most of your life, you know that compactness matters. Fitting one perfectly folded row of t-shirts in a drawer just won’t do, no matter how thin you fold it.

So here’s a screengrab of a little something I put together about 7 years ago and posted on my old website. In my mind’s eye, it’s the most space-efficient, time-efficient and apparatus-less method of folding t-shirts I know, and it’s plenty tidy for me.

And while it may lack the sex appeal of the others, I guarantee it’ll put your mind at ease—so you’ll be able to focus on far more important things than folding your shirts.




~ by zactopia on August 11, 2010.

One Response to “Everyone’s a folding expert”

  1. Your preferred method pales in comparison to the other two. The first one has catchy music, and the second has that cute jibberish language that the lady made up. You’ve got nothing. Spice it up a bit, and maybe I’ll give you another chance. Maybe use some black-lights and disco balls or something.

    Jeez, do I have to come up with everything?

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