Time is but a figment of beer’s imagination

Feel free to seethe with admiration and jealousy (albeit far more of the former) over this new Australian TV spot for Carlton Draught—especially after reading along with the song’s lyrics and fully savoring their awesomeness. It’s the same reason I put subtitles on during dialogue-driven or foreign-accented-english-speaking movies on TV at my home (but never at a someone else’s home; that’s just poor form, mate). Try it, I’m telling you. You get more out of the movie, like driving a stick shift over an automatic.

But I digress. Indulge in this simple and smart idea, beautifully rendered—that also makes you realize how slowly opera singers speak.

First, said terrific lyrics:

Slow motion.
Men in slow motion.
Men look much better in slow motion.
It makes me want to sing quite loud.
Now, now, I want a Carlton Draught, chips and lasagne.
Men in slow mo…
In slow mo…
Slow motion.
Blah blah blah…
Slow motion.

The scenes were shot at between 500 and 9,000 frames per second (fps), compared to the normal 25 fps (American format generally uses 24 fps, if you care).

Ace production from conception to birth, Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne. Thank you.

Agency:  Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne
Creative Chairman:  James McGrath
Executive Creative Director:  Ant Keogh
Creative:  Richard Williams, Anthony Phillips
Director:  Paul Middleditch
Director of Photography:  Daniel Ardilly
Client:  Peter Sinclair, Vincent Ruiu, Richard Oppy, Shencina Formenton

Come to think of it, the monumentally self-aware tone of this spot hearkens back to another Carlton Draught commercial from 2006, “Big Ad” (not surprisingly, ’twas brought to life by some of the same people, namely James McGrath, Ant Keogh and Paul Middleditch). It is arguably the most epic beer commercial of all time, yet undisputedly by George Patterson and Partners:

P.S. Let’s not forget to give due reverence to Carlton Draught’s tagline, “Made from Beer.” Genius.


~ by zactopia on August 19, 2010.

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