They say killing a man can haunt your soul. What about 632 men?

Yet again Dolph Lundgren leaves the common world in his wake and proves his superiority over all humanity. 632 kills. And he’s not sorry about a single one of them.

Not because after 417 homicides the human psyche starts over and subsequent slayings just cancel each other out (at least, that’s what the handbook tells us), but rather because Drago makes Rocky look like a wet fart when it comes to lethality.

Sly’s body count peaks out with a mere 340 kills on his conscience. A distant second on this informative and ludicrously awesome movie poster/infographic for Stallone’s newish action hero wet-dream-of-a-movie, The Expendables.

Dank u, Term LIFE Insurance (a confusingly hip look at life insurance with an expiration date; but kudos and worth stopping over on a cyber-bathroom break all the same) for putting this exercise in tedium together. Not to mention, analyzing every single (and mostly deplorable) movie for which these so-called heroes have sold their souls to mediocrity. Very thorough stuff.


~ by zactopia on August 24, 2010.

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