What concerns me

What concerns me most about the image below isn’t the assorted weaponry and ammo (submachine gun inclusive) meticulously displayed over snot-colored sheets and an electric blue, single bed.

It isn’t the two axes propped up against the wall, one of which is a fake plastic Guitar Hero guitar.

And it definitely isn’t the spread-eagle hairy ape (excepting that balding pate, of course) clad only in a penis bra, with a presumably loaded gun pointed at his genitalia.

No, what concerns me is this one-man wolfpack’s inability to control his mouth. You can tell he’s trying hard to make a facial expression, but he’s failing miserably. That underbite mug is neither charming nor tough-looking. In fact, it looks like his jaw might be stuck. Can someone please help him?


~ by zactopia on August 27, 2010.

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