The music video gets personal

Yet again, director Chris Milk and Google’s Aaron Koblin (among many, many others) team up to reinvent the web music video experience—this time with a personalized, localized touch for Arcade Fire’s new video, “The Wilderness Downtown” (the second time Arcade Fire has gone interactive and inter-awesome to introduce a new album [see Vincent Morriset’s point-and-click video for Neon Bible], and bless them for doing so).

Set to Arcade Fire’s new single, “We Used to Wait,” from its spanking new and kickass album The Suburbs, the project utilizes HTML5, Google Maps, an integrated drawing tool and multiple browser windows to create a truly interactive video. As a result, each viewer is privy to an individualized, nostalgic experience that plays out through the neighborhood you grew up in.

One caveat—ya gotsta watch it on da Google Chrome browser. Otherwise, it don’t work so good. What a smartypants marketing technique by Google, creating a cutting-edge musical experience made specifically for a browser (in addition to flaunting HTML5’s capabilities). So download Google Chrome and watch the shit already—Chrome is two-thumbs-up fast, as I’ve broached before.

Effing goddamn brilliant, and perhaps a sneak peek into where Google and the Internet are headed (provided, of course, Google puts an end to its tyrannical shenanigans and works to preserve net neutrality).


~ by zactopia on August 31, 2010.

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