America is now dumber

After signing controversial and fascist Arizona Senate Bill 1070, which requires all non-caucasians “reasonably” suspected of being illegal aliens to carry registration papers on them at all times, into law four months ago—and thereby becoming the geriatric pin-up girl for right-wing xenophobes across America, you’d think current Arizona Governor Jan Brewer might take the reins and run with her despicable momentum. You’d be dead wrong, though.

Here’s a clip of Gov. Brewer’s opening remarks from last night’s gubernatorial debate. Just look at the panache and savvy she displays:

I’m no politician, but it seems like maybe she should have practiced her opening in the mirror beforehand, rather than depend on that dyed blonde steel trap of a brain of hers to wing it. Just a thought.

What would have made this the single greatest moment in political history is if the moderator dude responded with this quote from Billy Madison:

Don’t know about you, but I smell a Palin-Brewer 2012 ticket.


~ by zactopia on September 2, 2010.

One Response to “America is now dumber”

  1. […] it’s a phlegmball to the face of Arizona Gov. Jan Himmler Brewer and her patently xenophobic train wreck, SB1070. If so, godspeed little initiative. But I have a hunch it’s more than just Denver proving how […]

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