This is why I’m not a cruise guy

Well this, and because the one cruise I did embark upon was the most gluttonous, least active (I mean, how is one supposed to play ping pong on the high seas?) vacation I’ve ever experienced.

Least active, that is, until you’re marooned in tempestuous seas on a Pacific Sun Cruise liner—like these poor saps seen on the ship’s internal closed-circuit TV. Then you’re a human bowling pin.

Keep an eye out for the woman who faceplants against the column in the middle of the frame. Not exactly my idea of fun.

Meanwhile, on another deck of the same ship, this was going on. Turning back was easily the smartest move you ever made, dude:

Praise be to my nemesis Daniel for sending me this seasick footage.


~ by zactopia on September 7, 2010.

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