Thwart your sandwich-thieving coworkers

It’s lunchtime. You’re at work. You’re ravenous. Being the clever little specimen of thrift that you are, you’ve packed yourself a homemade tuna-fish-and-peanut-butter sandwich, a pickle spear and a few prunes. Delish.

CUT TO:  You power walking to the kitchen, yanking open the fridge and GAH!

Your sandwich has been yoinked.

Lunch thieves are the lowest form of coworker. I hate them with the power of a thousand suns. So perhaps it’s time we invest in some of these anti-theft lunch bags from They’re ziploc bags with green splotches printed on both sides.

Said lunch bandits will think your freshly made sandwich is anything but, and move on to the next innocent prey.


Unfortunately, since sandwich pilfering is on the rise in this tottering economy, the website tells us they’re temporarily out of stock. But I’m willing to bet you could accomplish the same thing at home with your own ziploc bags.

But they are a clever bunch, aren’t they?


~ by zactopia on October 13, 2010.

One Response to “Thwart your sandwich-thieving coworkers”

  1. “…the power of a thousand suns.” awesome x-)

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